A former professional ballet dancer, Kim was drawn to yoga’s therapeutic properties when she rediscovered her relationship with her body through yoga. Kim has been teaching in the Denver area since 2012 and has quickly skyrocketed as an emerging teacher leading public workshops and trainings for yoga teachers and health professionals in respected studios and festivals across Colorado. Kim specializes in making complex practices accessible. She has trained in Adaptive Yoga with Matthew Sanford, which has influenced all her offerings.

Kim is keenly aware of how yoga transforms the body and mind, opens the heart and soothes the spirit. She seeks to make the tremendous healing properties of yoga accessible to all.

Kim’s traditional classes feature a creative and intelligent vinyasa flow with an emphasis on safety and individual empowerment through Anuasara and Iyengar-inspired anatomical alignment. Infused with themes on spirituality and the metaphysical, Kim is interested in using the physical practice as a gateway to a deeper connection with the subtle body. Kim’s work is highly intuitive–infused with heart and holistic purpose, yet reinforced by scientific research in the realms of neuroscience and the somatic therapies.

Adaptive Yoga (Accessible) is designed for anyone living with a disability, chronic illness, injury or impairment that would benefit from enhanced mind-body connection.  Adaptive yoga classes are small and intimate allowing the practice to be tailored to each individual body and condition. Kim’s classes are inclusive, non-threatening or judgemental.  Kim sees beyond the body to the energy within waiting to be released.  Participants learn how to live with more ease and relief, less pain and struggle.

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